• Turf Maintenance

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    Our team of lawn care and maintenance professionals can recommend a program specific to your needs. We have the ability to design and implement a program that can be fine tuned according to the season in order to provide you with the healthiest lawn possible.

    Ancira Landscaping provides complete maintenance and lawn care programs, which include the following:

    ▪    Weekly Lawn Service

    ▪    Pest and disease control

    ▪    Winter Rye Seeding and Overseeding

    ▪    Aeration

    ▪    Thatching

    ▪    Renovation 

    Our maintenance department would appreciate the opportunity to bid the maintenance on your property. 

    Turf is a beautiful part of our Landscapes today. When turf is managed properly, it can be a great asset to the overall value of your property. With the drought, more and more turf is being eliminated. We recommend a balance in the types of landscape materials used to beautify your Landscape.