• About Us

  • Ancira Landscaping started out in Oakland, CA as Lily of the Valley Landscaping. It was a challenge for Al to run the Business, keep a full time Job and go to school all at the same time. The company stayed open from 1991 until 1997. We reopened in 2009 in Livermore and relocated to El Cajon in 2012. We have since moved to Alpine, CA and are very happy with the company's growth and future.

    One of Al’s many passions in the Landscape industry has been Water Management. He has been an Irrigation Association Water Auditor since 1993 and still is to this day. Al believes in sustainable practices and managing our resources to enhance our environment. His knowledge of technology is directly connected to saving his customers resources and money. 

    Al has been a senior leader in the landscape industry for more than 20 years.

    During his time in the bay area, Al attended Merritt College where he benefited greatly from his many professors and teachers in the Landscape Horticulture Department. Since moving to Southern California, Al continues to enhance his knowledge by attending various industry and horticulture classes.

  • Our recent projects

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